NowGreat Maximum Health Competition

in North West Arkansas.
Saturday, April 25, 2015 10:00 to 4:00.

*Limited parking, arrive early*.

Gulley Park
1850 E Township St
Fayetteville AR, 72703.

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Part of Proceeds go to the Charity Feed Fayetteville. 🙂
Tickets $15 in advance, $20 day of, or FREE if wearing a NowGreat shirt!

5+ Hour Family Event.
Specators Free to Come!
*Lunch break from roughly 1:00 – 2:00*

Watch an Information & Pump-Up Video

An Experience to Last!

You won’t want to miss it!
More than just a health competition, NG events are all about bringing together happy, inpsiring people in the community! So come meet friends who care about promoting the positive things in life!

Beautiful Gulley Park!

Plenty of room, tons of trees, places to sit, a great trail, a workout station, and a cool creek! If you haven’t been there before you’ll be suprised at what this relaxing place has to offer.

We’ll also have a one hour lunch break, so pack a sack lunch and make it a picnic!

Competition Details

Everyone’s a winner just for attending 🙂
However, those who do the best overall in each category will be given a free, custom, one of a kind Artistic Action Shirt, with their name on it!

You’ll also get a cirtificate showing your statistics and placement in each challenge!

And, best of all, you’ll get to experience a positive event that you’ll remember forever!

8 Categories and a winner from each.
Men & Women compete in each age devision seperately.
*Contestants must be all natural, no steriods.*
Age 13 – 17 *must have a parent present*
Age 18 – 35
Age 36 – 55
Age 56+

12 Body-Weight Challenges

Phase 1 – Strength
1. Total number of Push-Ups in a row
2. Total number of Pull-Ups in a row
3. Total number of Sit-Ups in a row
Phase 2 – Stability
4. Total time of an Isometric Body Squat
5. Total time of an Isometric Star Plank
6. Total time of an Isometric Bar Hang
7. Total time of an Isometric Diamond Push-Up
Phase 3 – Agility
8. Total height of a High Jump
9. Total distance of a Long Jump
10. Quickness of a 100×2 Yard Dash, There and Back.
Phase 4 – Endurance
11. Total time Holding your Breath
12. Quickness of a 1 mile run.

See you there!

Tell your friends and family and get ready for a wonderful day of health, happiness, and fun!

Get Tickets!Get Shirts!

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