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Striving for more happiness in your daily life?
Creating an action plan to achieve peak performance?
Looking to take your life to the next level?
Wanting to find greater success?

A Now Great life coach can help you do all that and more!

The main question you have to ask yourself: “Do I want to see real results”?

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Specializing In:
• Maximizing Strengths & Minimizing Weaknesses
• Accomplishing Goals & Achieving Success
• Career Direction For Your Personality
• Energizing Your Health & Fitness
• Building Stronger Relationships
• Creating a Positive Change
• Helping You Live to the Fullest

A life coach is a professional in understanding why we do what we do. They are experts at understanding motivation and maintaining drive until success. Making it their goal to know what it takes to get results and move forward!

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Optimizing Strengths
& Minimizing Weaknesses

Each one of us has many battles in our lives. We fight to achieve happiness, to find success and to build a future. During this journey we become focused on certain parts of ourselves and learn to rely on them for our continued victory. These strengths give us an edge, but we must remember that we are only as strong as our weakest link.

We aim to optimize your strengths for best performance, allowing you to go farther than before. If your strength is in management then we help you become the best manager known. If it’s in human relations then you’ll put even more smiles on faces. If it’s in teaching then you’ll become a teacher never forgotten. Same is true for hundreds of other strengths!

Nothing is ever perfect and that’s true with any ability. Weaknesses are often hidden until exploited. Flaws in character or perspective often blind us from seeing a downfall. We think that something just is, and stop questioning it. We’re here to prove to you that nothing is permanent. Sometimes all it takes is a little change of perspective, a little butterfly flap of the wings and the rest of your life will never be the same. Weakness is simply there for us to learn to improve ourselves!

Accomplishing Goals
& Achieving Success

Focusing on that promotion? Struggling with finances or just needing to make more money? Unhappy with where your career is headed? Unsure of the leap of faith you’re facing?

Success, we all want it. However, it’s not always as easy to achieve as imagined. Often the journey can feel like you’re climbing a mountain holding on to a ledge with so far to drop. It’s scary and when you’re putting all your effort forward you want it to pay off!

Accomplishing goals sounds easy, but that has everything to do with the size of the goal. Fortunatly every larger goal has smaller goals underneath it. Each smaller goal is a step up the mountain. A NowGreat life coach can help you take the proper steps to success in any area of your life!

Motivation & Direction
For Your Personality

Have you ever been lost in life? Looking for directions for the future? A career? A choice you need to make? Not sure what to do next or where to go?

By deep diving into your character and personality you’ll learn things about yourself that you never knew before. You’ll get a better grasp on who you are and what you want. You’ll be better prepared to handle any choices that you’ll have to make.

We all seek to find the right direction. To understand and know what we must do to get the outcome we want. Life coaches are here to help you do just that, and along the way you’ll find out information that’ll improve every choice you make!

Energizing Your
Health & Fitness

Looking to get in the best shape of your life? Get more physical, emotional, and mental energy?

Health is incredibly important, it’s highly responsible for our emotional stability, our energy output and our mental wellbeing. However, in this day and age it’s not the easiest to know exactly what to do, with everyone saying something different. Here at Now Great we focus on the minimal amount of effort that you have to do to get the maximum results.

Fitness falls under a similar conundrum. How do we know what to do when there’s so much information out there? The first step is starting at the basics and working your way up. Eliminating excess minutia, we try to focus on results and only results!

Building Stronger

Looking for the love of your life? Already found them and want to get closer to them? Perhaps you’re one of the people who just wants better relationships all around?

We’ve spent a great deal of time studying and working with people. With time you’ll see there are certain “truths” that make sure a relationship works and is a win/win for both. A life coach will go the extra mile to help you strengthen and mend the relationships in your life!

Creating a
Positive Change

Seeking a positive change in your life? Improving happiness? Want excitement and enjoyment beyond what you’re used to? Taking a step out of your comfort zone?

Every tree comes from a seed. And we are here to give you the plant that will grow into a beautiful oak! Then allowing you to create your ideal future and focus on your happiness!

Maximizing Your Life

Everyone of us wants to live the best life possible. Yet only a few of us really go looking to do it. Often it seems like it’s too difficult to know what all needs to be done to live a super happy and fulfilled life. As if we should never try because it’s too high of a goal to reach.

The truth is that we are all different, but have similar goals. We want to be happy, successful, confident, and enjoy this thing called life. An NG Life Coach specializes in helping you find the balance to achieve all that and more!

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