The Ultimate Back Designs

And the quick story of each.

The message of NG is a powerful one. A group of actions that you can take to actively overcome the challenges and improve your life. But we all know that everyone has a unique character and different abilities. So these designs portray an even deeper meaning for what you’re wearing.

Partnered with a matching front design and a multitude of awesome color themes, you’ll own a piece of art that will be admired for a lifetime!

Path to Greatness

The Story

Life is indeed mysterious, almost as if we are walking through the forest. Unsure of what lies behind every hill we encounter. Climbing, crawling, walking aimlessly in the forest we search for direction. For a path to show us the way.

All of a sudden we see a light. The edge of the forest comes to a sudden stop. The mountains in the distance seem suddenly more majestic than ever before. Throughout our lives we’ve been searching for our purpose, the light of our life. Something to brighten the journey ahead. Over the horizon, perhaps just out of reach we see it looming in the distance. Finally a glimpse of what’s to come.

A renewed sense of energy builds within, eyes glowing at the goal ahead. Enlightened with a new sense of achievement and purpose, we now know what we must do. The path may be hard, the journey may be long but the only thing standing in our way is the time it takes to get there.

Will you move forward? Do you dare take the challenge ahead? Are you going to make the journey over the mountains themselves? The choice is now!

Grinning from ear to ear, mind and heart focused. You take the first step onto your path to greatness!

Our Journey

Available in these exciting color themes and more.

Lion Roar

The Story

Within us all is a lion. A vicious animal with an appetite for fear. This internal behemoth lies in wait for a moment to strike.

Dangerous? Yes. Uncontrollable? No. This creature lurking within our hearts isn’t actually bad. It exists to protect us from harm. From anything threatening our very existence.

We see glimpses of it as it rears it head guarding us from outside threats. Unfortunately when this happens it takes an exuberant amount of strength to control. But when you are able to tame it, you’ll be able to climb beyond anything you ever thought possible. Higher and higher into the sky, on top of the mountain of your desires.

This beast, the lion within, is a source for your undying courage. Propelling you over any challenge that’ll dare face you.

Your eyes glow from a soul of pure determination. Fear runs and hides. Gripping the top of the mountain you unleash a roar from within, the sound is shattering, blasting through the very fabric of fear itself. Nothing will hold you back, you are now great!


Many majestic color themes to choose from.

Phoenix Rising

The Story

Very few things are as magical as the legendary bird, the phoenix. A symbol of being reborn, of coming to “know”. This fiery bird burns within us all.

We suppress this creature with our inexperience and lack of wisdom. Closing our minds, not willing to learn, hurting our potential.

In our lives there are moments in time where we see a new light. A new understanding. The old is transformed into the new. This transformation is what awakens this creature within. Learning and gaining intelligence and information, bridging the gap in our minds.

Awakened inside, the phoenix begins to rise. Above and above the challenges it faces. It disrupts even the slightest bit of doubt, because now you know. It is clear, the fog within your head is gone.

You have been reborn, your understanding has increased and your potential now is sky high. So what are you waiting for? Flap your internal wings and rise above the challenge!

Rising Above

Choose from a variety of vibrant colors.

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